Spotify Stats

View and share your most listened artists, albums, tracks and recently played tracks. Switch between 3 time periods. Check out the festivals where your favourites are playing.

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How to see my Spotify statistics?

By logging into your Spotify account, you can easily view your Spotify statistics on this page, which includes your top artists, songs, albums, and recently played tracks. We can also recommend music festivals based on your listening history.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. We do not store any of your data for longer than is necessary to display your statistics. Also, when you sign in with Spotify, we ask you to grant permissions to only the necessary data. We do not require your email address.

How often is data updated?

Your listening data is updated approximately every day.

Can I see Spotify stats before wrapped?

Yes, you can view stats at any time of the year, no need to wait for Spotify Wrapped.

When will Spotify Wrapped 2024 be released?

In years past, the annual Spotify Wrapped dropped on early December each year or the ending of November.